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How Google Plus communities are an opportunity for charities


Google Plus communities provide a fantastic opportunity for charities to get closer to the people who support them, to connect with like-minded individuals and to foster a community around a subject matter.

You may think that Google Plus is only a page, a place where your brand can be hosted on Google Plus where people can connect to it in a similar model to a Facebook page.

However, Google actually provides a full community system. This allows people to create a community dedicated to a subject matter, topic or anything else they might think of.

How to Use Social Media in a Positive Way

Hey Social Media keyboard warrior, are you tired of staying up late staring at a blinking screen and arguing about politics and current affairs with random people you vaguely know on Facebook?

Do you feel a little bit guilty about tearing into a blogger with a highly critical and inflammatory comment? When you look through your Twitter feed, is it filled with sarcasm and ridicule?

Do you specifically search through forums and profiles of people with opposing views from you, looking to start an argument?

The Internet and social media allows us the effortless ability to communicate with millions of people around the world, many of them perfect strangers.

This means that we can jump into a conversation about anything we choose, at any time. We can share our opinions, ask questions and explain why we think what we do. While this is an incredibly gift, it can also be used in negative ways.

What is social CRM? and how can it help your brand

Many people wonder What is Social CRM? and how can it help me use social media techniques and technology to get closer to our customers to allow our brand to have a voice and  respond to negative problems.

It is no longer enough to rely on a customer service department that sends out an apologetic letter every time you make a mistake.

It’s important to be approachable and responsive on social media, but often fear of saying the wrong thing and making the problem worse can stop brands from really engaging.

Don’t be afraid of Social CRM

Using social CRM, you can build a picture of your customers and prospective clients, what they like, what they dislike, when they’re happy, when they’re unhappy and make sure that your messaging is appropriate to the time and experience the user is currently having.

Google unveils Hangouts messaging and Google+ redesign

SOCIAL MEDIA UPSTART Google announced a Google Hangouts messaging feature for Android, iOS and Chrome on Wednesday, along with a major redesign of Google+.

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Top Google+ tips for growing your audience

Google Plus seems to have a low profile with people at the moment. Many appear to think that Plus is dying or not really catching on. We remember they said the same about Twitter once. Where people are going wrong, we think, is in not treating Google Plus as a specific type of network with its own tools to allow you to communicate and discover.

So here are our top tips for using Google+ and our methodology to growing your Circles.

Facebook Timeline allows fans to message you!

If you’re one of those eager social media managers and have upgraded your Facebook page to Timeline you need to be aware that your page fans can now send you a private message. Just like on Twitter or by tagging you on Google Plus we can now have those private conversations with our supporters on Facebook.

When you access your page as an admin, keep an eye on the top of the page, this is where the Admin Panel sits. Your Notifications are on the right and Private Messages are on the left. The messaging system works just like the main Facebook message tool, note that you can’t send a message to a fan until they first send one to you.

For fans to send a message they need to Like your page (obviously), and then they click the message button under your cover photo on the right (you have uploaded a cover photo haven’t you?). Their message will then appear in your admin area as described above.

This is a great way to offer a private support service or move a difficult public discussion into a private area, but keep within Facebook. Some people don’t like to have to email you to carry on a conversation. This provides a cleaner experience for the supporter and opens up a new way to deal with issues when they happen.

Advice: Your charity’s first social media steps

While we know many, many, many posts have been written on this subject across the web, we felt it was worth revisiting in light of Google+ and many of the new features being added to Facebook and Twitter that are propelling social media forward in a way we could barely predict even last year.

Take the first step for your charity

Generally speaking, you are going to want to have a Facebook Page  (not a Profile) and a  Twitter  account, also a YouTube account as well if you plan on doing a video blog (worth considering and cheap, all you need is a webcam). Facebook Pages are the key way for you to use Facebook as your charity brand. It’s not wise to use a Facebook Profile as your brand presence on Facebook, it will probably get deleted in time.

Our take on Google+

Google+ has been out for a few days so we thought it was time to offer some early thoughts. First off, it’s not like any of Google’s previous attempts like Buzz, Wave or Orkut. Google+ is more mature, you can tell they really thought about how they were going to approach a social network in a modern context.

To sum up Google+ is difficult. It’s like the best bits of Facebook mixed with bits of Twitter and a few Googlish conventions thrown in. Plus is very contact driven, that is to say that an email address seems to be the central way to connect with people right now. Google makes a big thing of importing your address book and if you used Buzz you can quickly add all your Buzz contacts into Circles.

A Circle is a way of marking a contact for particular updates, so you might have co-workers in one and family in another. Of course you can have a contact in more than one Circle, where this is used is to determine when you post who can see an update. Plus asks you who you want to share each post with. If you’re thinking that sounds like Facebook lists, you’re right, only properly done… people will use lists when it’s fun and when there’s a useful reason to use them to determine who sees an update.

Google has privacy in mind

Google+ feels like it has privacy in mind, which is refreshing for Google in many respects. One interesting new feature is the ability to export your entire history with Google to a downloadable file you can import elsewhere (in the future).

We think where Google+ may win many many fans is with Huddle, a 10-way video conferencing solution that is mind blowing. Especially when you consider Microsoft’s Skype charges £5 for 5 way and Google+ is free!  We’ve taken part in a few hangouts and it’s brilliant clear video and audio (bandwidth permitting) and the way the conversation view focuses on who is speaking makes this a win for charity use.

There’s a lot to see and do with Google+. It seems this time they may have cracked it and created a network to rival Facebook and Twitter, but then we thought Wave was going to revolutionise email so we’ve been wrong before :-) although it did make its way into Google Docs as a very cool real time collaboration feature.