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Charity / non-profits discount web services

I thought it would be nice to put together a list of discounts offered by online services that charities can take advantage of and details on how to access them.

I will update this page over time. If you have one I’ve missed tweet me @SoMediaCharity


MailChimp provides a free account perfect for charities that only have up to 500 people they want to mail and want to send a maximum of 3,000 emails a month. Sign-up is as easy as selecting the FREE option on the sign-up screen.

Mofuse offer 20% charity discount

In our look at how Bullying UK launched a mobile website  in 24 hours we talked extensively about the Mofuse platform and how easy it is for a charity to create a mobile version of their website just by using a bit of RSS . In fact it was so easy we built two sites!

Mofuse have been in contact and would like to offer any charity a 20% discount off any of the premium Mofuse packages. You can also use Mofuse Standard for FREE but you only get a couple of RSS feed inputs which for some won’t be enough if you want to split sections down.

Make your money go further with Discount Domains UK

New projects regularly require new domain names to go with them. However, you should always be mindful that paying an agency to register a domain for you can be very costly given that most domains actually cost less than £10 if you register them yourselves.

Cheap domain names from Discount Domains UK is one of the lowest priced we have found. Seriously, don’t pay more than £20 a domain name even if it’s “fully managed”. Register it yourself and put more money into the sharp end of your project.

Another option is to use the money you save to purchase some extra domains to support your project.

These could be keyworded landing pages using the brands call to action or form part of your email address

Domain names can be powerful and when used together can create a great deal of reach, making the pennies go further opens up more options to create a great domain presence on the web and in the search indexes.

Discounts from

Most online retailers these days offer a way to enter a discount code when you’re about to pay for your goods online. Problem is how do you know where to get a discount code from, it’s not like they advertise them that widely or make them easy to find.

Usually we spend time trawling forums trying to find up to date codes (frustrating) or asking friendly bricks and mortar staff if they know of any. Having signed up for  we can simply search for a coupon or browse through a list of merchants till we find either the service we want or a store carrying the product we need.

You don’t need to register to use the site but we thought we would go for the full experience so we could Tag and Share discounts with the community.

Our view is simple. As charities / non-profits if we can save even 1% we should and CouponChief makes the process so quick and easy. Select the relevant discount, copy it and then visit the site using the button next to the discount code.

When you have finished shopping and get to the checkout page keep your eyes open for a Voucher Discount field, it might have been filled in already for you, if not paste in the code you copied earlier.

Check out as normal and your discount will be applied.

System Mechanic 9.5 from iolo

Designed for both Windows Vista and Windows 7 machines, System Mechanic’s PC Health Status Gadget provides real-time status reports on your computer’s health, with drill-down access to any detected problems and system warnings you should know about.

You can also keep track of how your PC is being maintained through a running feed of the repairs and optimisations performed by System Mechanic.

And finally, the gadget gives you a quick and easy way to access the most commonly used functions in System Mechanic, such as Memory Mechanic® and EnergyBooster.

Additional tweaks for Windows 7

The PC Cleanup PowerTool has been enhanced with additional junk file patterns, so System Mechanic will be able to detect and remove system clutter from Window 7-specific locations.

Behaviour patterns and errors in Windows 7 will be detected and resolved with System Mechanic’s updated registry cleaning and repair technology. This technology can be found in System Mechanic’s Registry Tuner as well as the Total Registry Revitalizer, which repairs, compacts, defragments, and backs up the registry in one step.

You can purchase System Mechanic 9.5 and download it right away no waiting for the postman, tune your PC up now!