Twitter launches TwitterSuggests recommendation service

So at last we have a new feature from the Twitter team, @TwitterSuggests is an experimental service that will send users of Twitter a recommendation tweet with other accounts you should consider following.

Think of it as a #FollowFriday but without the Friday and coming directly from Twitter.

@BullyingUK has been recommended via the new service to some Twitter users.  No word yet on how it decides who to recommend but it may well be based on signals from your social graph, topics you have #hashtag, accounts retweeted and subject matter of your tweets.

Right now, the new service is only sending recommendations to a small cross section of the TwitterSphere and if you want you can opt-out by blocking the @TwitterSuggests account.

Honestly though who doesn’t want to know about new people they could build a connection with?


Eight interviews with charities using Facebook

Here is a round-up of our Facebook charity interviews so far. If you would like to contribute, check out the questions and send your answers to us.

How RP fighting blindness use Facebook

Be patient, make sure you animate a group or fan-page regularly until it becomes self-sustaining.

Diabetes UK using Facebook to raise awareness

Having a Diabetes UK fan page encourages dialogue between fellow supporters and we’ve seen a real community emerge from this.

Contact a Family – using Facebook

Give your audience content they can interact with to establish a constructive dialogue.

Take part in CharityTuesday on Twitter and Facebook

Every Tuesday on Twitter  and Facebook the world gives a big thumbs-up to charity / non-profits they care about. You can get involved too. All you have to do is add #CharityTuesday followed by the  Twitter accounts you want to give a thumbs-up to.

You can also take part on Facebook by first Liking the Fan page of the charity / nonprofit and then sending a status update using @Charityname so it includes a link to their page.

That way all your friends can see why you love the charity and follow them as well.

You can also sign up for the CharityTuesday service that will allow your charity to post through the @CharityTuesday Twitter account

How RP Fighting Blindness use Facebook

What is your charity’s name and mission?

RP Fighting Blindness exists to (1) find a cure for retinitis pigmentosa (inherited blindness) and (2) support and inform people with the condition.

How long have you been using Facebook?

About two years.

Why do you use Facebook and which parts of it do you use?

We use groups, and we wanted to reach younger people and also to be more proactive/active/dynamic.

How to add Facebook send button to your website

So Facebook have done away with the Share button a few weeks ago and now have launched a Send button instead. The new Send button allows Facebook members to send a page of your content to select friends, groups or email addresses. Great to make links a bit more personal rather than having to use lists or worry about who is seeing what links members post.

To add the new Facebook Send button you just need to paste the following code into your website templates wherever you want the button to appear. If you already have Facebook Like installed on your site just add

send=”true” to your Facebook like code snippet.

Facebook adds on page notifications for admins

What a welcome addition that is bound to make admins’ lives easier! You can now see Notifications when you visit your Facebook page down the right hand side. Click and it will load a stream of notifications so you can see what’s been happening on your page while you were away.

Here’s the blurb from Facebook:

Exposure charity gets lifeline!

Just a few short  months after Haringey Youth Service announced the axing of support for the multi-award winning charity, the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has earmarked £57,000 to secure the future of the flagship Exposure magazine.

Supporting new ideas and practices that challenge convention and demonstrate an enterprising approach are key funding priorities for the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The grant serves to underline Exposure’s credentials as a new generation communications beacon, equipped to meet the challenges of an uncertain economic climate.

Tutorial: How to convert your Facebook profile to a fan page

Facebook now allows you to convert your Facebook Profile into a fan page. It should be noted this is a ONE WAY PROCESS. You CANNOT change it back!

We know a lot of charities set-up profiles and are reluctant to give them up and move to a fan page. This new tool solves the problem by allowing you to convert your Profile and all your friends into a more brand friendly fan page.

If you want to change a Profile into a fan page, Facebook have a new tool . Select the type of page you want to convert your profile to and follow the instructions.

How to use Facebook questions for pages

Facebook are rolling out the Questions platform to all users and that includes page admins. If you want to, you can turn it on right now if you head over to the Questions page. As always, once turned on you can’t turn it off and it will be added to your Facebook fan pages as well.

To post a question to your Facebook page fans go to your page and look for the Questions option under your status box. Click it and type in your question. If you want to add answers via a poll click the poll link, you will then get a pop-up to add the answers in. You can see an example poll on the BullyingUK Facebook Page

Updated: in security email breach warning!

Just had more details from’s CEO

Dear Customer,

As a follow up to the email we sent you last night, I would like to give you some further details. On Sunday the 20th of March some customers reported receiving a spam email to email addresses they only use for We reacted immediately by informing all our customers of this potential security breach in order for them to take the necessary precautionary steps.

We believe this issue may be related to some irregular activity that was identified in December 2010 at our email service provider, Silverpop.

Investigations at the time showed no evidence that any of our customer email addresses had been downloaded. We would like to assure all our customers that the only information communicated to our email service provider was email addresses. have taken all the necessary steps with Silverpop to ensure a security breach of this nature does not happen again.