Facebook vs. Pinterest – Which Offers Better Business Conversions and Sales [Infographic]

Here is a great infographic that shows the difference between Facebook vs. Pinterest in driving traffic and potentially donors into your website.

Pinterest is one of the best drivers of sales for businesses are you leveraging it for your social fundraising?

How to Use Social Media in a Positive Way

Hey Social Media keyboard warrior, are you tired of staying up late staring at a blinking screen and arguing about politics and current affairs with random people you vaguely know on Facebook?

Do you feel a little bit guilty about tearing into a blogger with a highly critical and inflammatory comment? When you look through your Twitter feed, is it filled with sarcasm and ridicule?

Do you specifically search through forums and profiles of people with opposing views from you, looking to start an argument?

The Internet and social media allows us the effortless ability to communicate with millions of people around the world, many of them perfect strangers.

This means that we can jump into a conversation about anything we choose, at any time. We can share our opinions, ask questions and explain why we think what we do. While this is an incredibly gift, it can also be used in negative ways.

DDOS Protection for Charity Non-profits

I’m sure the news over the last 24 hours of the largest DDOS attack in the history of the internet is well underway. We have been following this story since the first salvo was fired by Spamhaus the non-profit spam prevention service that blocked cyberbunker as a source of large amounts of spam hitting systems across the web.

Cyberbunker hasn’t taken kindly to this and has struck back launching a DDOS attack in excess of 300gb/s, this is equivalent to about 40% of the worlds web traffic all being directed against SpamHaus in an attempt to take them offline.

How did SpamHaush survive the largest DDOS in history?

It failed.. while the internet slowed down as routing points around the web became congested Spamhaus and it’s partners were able to keep the servers live and their service in tact. It remains to be seen what Cyberbunker will do next but so far at least all their DDOS attacks have failed to do more than dent the web the world over.

When the DDOS hit Spamhaus knew their was only one partner to turn to Cloudflare a company dedicated to accelerating and protecting the web from attacks. Cloudflare is traditional thought of as a web accelerator it sits in front of your server and ensures that visitors always receive data as fast as possible served from a location close to them. So even if your server is on the UK but a visitor is in America they get data as if they were just popping to the local shops and back… fast, fast, fast.

Cloudflare though has another function it offers some of the best DDOS protection service in the world and they are mostly FREE! Yes that’s right you can make your website load faster AND protect against DDOS and other security issues and it wont cost your charity a penny to get started. IF you want to move up-to the PRO package that offers even more speed and security it will cost you $20 a month!

In our experience though the free service is ideal for 99% of charity non-profits and only in specific situations would you need to spend any cash to protect or accelerate your website. The site you are reading this on now uses Cloudflare.

Cloudflare works so well because it’s able to analyse hundreds of thousands of sites using it’s network and provide fast action against DDOS attacks, in most cases filtering the bad traffic automatically and only allowing the good to pass through. It’s caching systems ensure that it takes the hit not your servers and by distributing it’s servers across the world any attack that is DDOS in nature has to overwhelm many internet points worldwide not just your server which is always the weakest link.

On top of all that Cloudflare also offers protection against other forms of attack like XSS and Injection Attacks although we would recommend securing your code on the server rather than relying on a third party to deal with those particular security issue.

How to add Cloudflare to your service mix.

It’s very simple to move to Cloudflare all you need to do is sign up, let them analyze your current DNS settings and then change your Domain Name name servers to the ones they give you. 12 – 24 hours later all requests to your website will first be routed via Cloudflare and protection and acceleration is active. In all it takes 10 minutes to do the actual work of enabling and setting up Cloudflare more than worth the peace of mind it provides.

If you would like advice or would prefer not to go hands on we can provide Cloudflare setup for you, get in touch to learn more.


What is social CRM? and how can it help your brand

Many people wonder What is Social CRM? and how can it help me use social media techniques and technology to get closer to our customers to allow our brand to have a voice and  respond to negative problems.

It is no longer enough to rely on a customer service department that sends out an apologetic letter every time you make a mistake.

It’s important to be approachable and responsive on social media, but often fear of saying the wrong thing and making the problem worse can stop brands from really engaging.

Don’t be afraid of Social CRM

Using social CRM, you can build a picture of your customers and prospective clients, what they like, what they dislike, when they’re happy, when they’re unhappy and make sure that your messaging is appropriate to the time and experience the user is currently having.

Promoting charity through social media

Social media has been with us for a while now, offering unprecedented possibilities in forms of communication and enabling the exchange of information at a rate that was never thought possible before, allowing companies access to hundreds of millions of people no matter where they live.

Yet, for various reasons, the marketing potential social media channels allow us still remains largely unexplored and unexploited.

Most companies, yet alone charities, have plenty of room to grow their influence on social media. According to a number of acclaimed researches, most charities (and companies) apparently fail to grasp the full possibilities of promotion through social media, or fail to successfully implement their often naive and/or poorly developed promotional strategies.

Flickr redesign goes live 1TB of free storage for all

Well this is a surprise Yahoo has just announced that it’s highly popular photo storage and sharing site Flickr is being upgraded. As well as a redesign of the entire look and feel of the site they are also giving every users 1 terabyte of free storage.

Google unveils Hangouts messaging and Google+ redesign

SOCIAL MEDIA UPSTART Google announced a Google Hangouts messaging feature for Android, iOS and Chrome on Wednesday, along with a major redesign of Google+.

[repostus thumb=5704888 hash=5ca4c626619ab0deeba400692810dcc5 title=Google%20unveils%20Hangouts%20messaging%20and%20Google%2B%20redesign host=The%20Inquirer short=1Fyht]

Relationship Health working to prevent family breakdown.

What is your charity’s name and mission?
Relationship Health working to prevent family breakdown.

How long have you been using Twitter and who’s idea was it?
1 year. It was my idea.

Hammer out on Twitter Interview

What is your charity’s name and mission?

Hammer Out is the leading charity in the UK South-West & Midlands offering a support network to people whose lives have been affected by any type of brain tumour. We are there at any time throughout diagnosis, treatment and beyond, and not just for patients, but their loved ones and carers also.

Twitter #Music launches Twittersphere gets some tunes

Well Twitter is getting much more #Media these days, rolling out now in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand is a new Twitter #Music service.

The way it works is fairly simple but could be very powerful as a discovery tool. Twitter collects data about what tracks are being shared across the network and the level of interaction.

It can then surface up to the second recommendations of new and current artists you may want to listen to in Twitter #Music.

The iPhone app is powered by iTunes and on the web Rdio and Spotify are providing the music sorry no Android app yet.

By default, you will hear previews from iTunes when exploring music in the app. Subscribers to Rdio and Spotify can log in to their accounts to enjoy full tracks that are available in those respective catalogs. We will continue to explore and add other music service providers.

A new area Twitter #Music will show you what the people you follow have tweeted or engaged with music wise, providing an opportunity for charities to engage in a new way.

If your confused by Twitter check out some handy books in our store.

Twitter launching a music service is interesting as it fights to stay relevant with Facebook and Google Plus. The expansion of Twitter cards shows that Twitter is willing to go beyond just 140 characters by adding a richer view for certain types of media content in the stream.

How do you think charities adapt to having #Music as a way to search out or maybe influence new supporters?