Increase Charity YouTube views for free with our tips

Making your charity channel popular can be a challenge, a hard one at that. So many people want to increase YouTube views on their videos but where to start? Read on for our free top Increase YouTube views tips and you will see your views spike. It can take a while for your views to start increasing so don’t think you will do a few of these and suddenly see big results.

Top 10 ways to increase YouTube views

  1. Research the keywords you are going to use before upload, include them in your file name, then upload to YouTube.
  2. Make sure your title, description  and tags are filled out and always use the same keywords as your file name.
  3. Promote like crazy! The more external signals you can point at your video the better. Tweet, Facebook and Google Plus are all great places to get some social sharing happening and a sure fire way to increase YouTube views.

The most important YouTube Advice you will ever read! Charity YouTube algorithm watch minutes advice

The big ‘secret’ that people want you to pay for is this… the more minutes of a video a user watches, the more popular that video is in YouTube‘s eyes… shock horror!

So there you go, it’s not a secret and it’s not worth paying for that information when YouTube has been up front in making it known that from now on Watch Minutes mean more than comments, likes, clicks and back-links or any other metric you care to throw around.

That’s not to say the other signals aren’t in play, but what YouTube really cares about is how much of a video is watched before the viewer moves on to other content.

If the viewer stays on YouTube then the previous video they watched gets extra signal that can help its rankings.

Introduction to Social Media for Charities

Many charities and non-profits are still thinking in the past and adding on social media as an extra, thinking that conventional ways of promoting themselves are more important.

The reality is that more and more people are logging-in to Twitter, Facebook and other online applications, not only for their own interest, but also because their firms are using this medium to quickly spread the word about their business.

If you increase your social media presence then in many ways you are already knocking at an open door because millions of people are already using it.

Charity YouTube video checklist for every video you make

Every time you upload a new Charity Youtube video it’s worth running through our checklist to make sure you don’t miss a vital step that will ensure your video has the best chance of being seen by the YouTube community and beyond..

New video YouTube checklist

  1. Choose your video file name carefully and do some research into the popular words people use
  2. Optimize your title, description and tags to match your file name
  3. Titles should include your keywords at the front
  4. Description should be 150 words+ and include your keywords a few times
  5. Use appropriate tags but don’t go overboard
  6. Closed caption your video if it has dialog
  7. Add annotations to your video, including your keywords
  8. Tell all your social network friends about your video
  9. Watch / comment on other videos similar to your upload
  10. Relax!

As you can see, a fair amount of work for each video you make on top of actually making the video.

This is just a baseline so much more you can do to help your video reach a wide audience.

It total it should take you around an hour and a half per video, not including the closed caption time.

The reason we do all this is to help your video get seen in YouTube search and in syndication around the web.

Taking your YouTube checklist to the next level

If you want to take your YouTube checklist to the next level you can also try the following:

Watch your own video from different computers, watch it all the way through. Do this twice per IP, it will help your watch minutes and make your video more popular in the eye of YouTube.

Gain backlinks from blogs, a link to your video or better yet your video embedded on other websites can really help you grow your audience.

We hope this New video YouTube checklist has been helpful. Do get in touch if you want to discuss the service we offer.

If you want to get the best from YouTube we recommend doing a few things for every new video you make. Use our new YouTube video checklist to see how you do. It does take a bit of time but the results will be worth it, we promise you.

In our experience few YouTubers do even half of the things on our new video YouTube checklist, how many do you do?

Charity YouTube boost views with comments on videos

A good way to boost your YouTube views is to help people discover your charity YouTube channel by commenting on videos that fit your subject matter or “niche” as it’s more commonly known. Search for videos that interest your channel, watch the video and leave an insightful or useful comment.

Don’t go crazy as YouTube will give you a temporary ban if you comment on too many videos in a short space of time on average you can make 3 comments per hour. When commenting on a video the video owner will see your comment and might visit your channel and check out your videos. Anyone seeing the video where you left the comment may read your comment and visit your charity YouTube channel.

At the same time YouTube users can vote up or down on a comment they find useful or helpful and you may find your comment on the top of the stack.

Charity YouTube keyword research for your videos, titles and tags

Everyone uploads videos, but do you do your YouTube keyword research before uploading? Like I say, loads of people upload but few take the time to work out what’s popular on YouTube before uploading.

Did you know you can use Google Adwords to do YouTube keyword research data for your title and tags before you upload your video to YouTube? All you need is a free Adwords account. Go into tools & analysis, then keyword research.

Enter the keywords you think best fit your video, press search and Google will return results in different broad matches. Use the + symbol to explore these keywords in more detail. Google will give you an idea of search volume which you can use to refine your Why Youtube Title, Description and Tags are important for Videos YouTube video title and tag Why YouTube Title, Description and Tags are important for Videos. If you see a keyword that fits just as well but has higher search volume use that word instead.

Optimize Charity YouTube videos title description and tags

We all do it… upload a new video to YouTube and forget or haven’t got the time to fill out all the information. In fact 90% of YouTube users don’t bother!

So here is the best advice anyone can give you for YouTube. Take the time to optimize YouTube title, description and tags.

You can do research to help you establish the most popular words people are searching for and make sure to use those words in your YouTube title, description and tags. This will ensure YouTube takes notice of your video and makes it available for discovery by search. The rest is down to views. If people like your video and you have great title, description and tags, you may find yourself getting even more LOVE from YouTube.

Charity YouTube SEO getting started guide

Charity YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing and promotion tools available to non-profits anywhere in the world. Although to get the best from it you need to know the basics of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

While things like watch time, comments and likes all play a part in helping your video appear in YouTube / Google’s search engines, you also need to help the search engines by doing some basic YouTube SEO to your video page.

Before you optimise your meta data do some Keyword research to find out the most popular search phrase used to find videos similar to your own. Not much point using a title that no one is searching for!

How Google Plus communities are an opportunity for charities


Google Plus communities provide a fantastic opportunity for charities to get closer to the people who support them, to connect with like-minded individuals and to foster a community around a subject matter.

You may think that Google Plus is only a page, a place where your brand can be hosted on Google Plus where people can connect to it in a similar model to a Facebook page.

However, Google actually provides a full community system. This allows people to create a community dedicated to a subject matter, topic or anything else they might think of.

How Employers Can Use Social Media to Hire the Right Candidate

In this guest post we look at how employers can use Social Media to hire the best candidate and avoid the pitfalls of not really knowing who they are hiring.

While we all have been taught to tell the truth, and to not say anything if we didn’t have something nice to say, these golden rules seem to have been put on the back-burner, especially as far as employers are concerned. Not long ago, employers only had access to the information that a candidate provided them with, and this information almost always would paint the candidate in the best possible light. If the candidate participated in inappropriate activities, such as drugs, or excessive drinking, employers would probably never find out about it, unless it had a negative effect on the candidate’s ability to do their job. But the popularity of social networking sites like Twitter, and Facebook have changed all that.

Employers now have access to an unlimited amount of information about potential candidates; information that can give employers a full picture of what the candidate is really like, outside the information that is written on a piece of paper. Here are just a few of the many ways that employers can use social media sites to determine if a candidate is really the type of person that they are portrayed to be on their application.

Use Social Media to determine if a candidate presents themselves professionally

In order to determine if a candidate is even worth wasting your time with, it is important to discern if a candidate is truly the professional person that they portray themselves to be. That can be done by taking a look at the information the candidate posts on their Facebook page for everyone to see. A good candidate should refrain from posting photos, comments, or other derogatory information that they would not want their mother or other family members to see. Candidates that do not see an issue with posting comments about their drug activities outside work, or photos of the excessive partying they partake in over the weekend are truly not professional, regardless of what a piece of paper may say about them.

To determine if the candidate’s qualifications are truthful

Everyone is guilty about padding their qualifications just a bit in order to make them look better to employers. In order to determine if a candidate is being truthful about their qualifications, you will first want to check the ‘about me’ part of their page. Candidates, who have graduated from university, should also have that listed on their page, as for most people a degree is something to be proud of. Most candidates will also list at least the most recent employer that they have worked for.

The information that you have on the candidate’s resume should match up to what you see on their Facebook page. If the information does not match, it should not be a major cause for alarm. You will want to check and see if the name of the candidate is a common name, and if it is possible that there may be more than one page for the same person. If this is the case, you may want to do a bit more digging until you find the right person, and if you do not find anything at all, there is always a chance that the candidate is not on Facebook at all, as there are still a few people out there who have no interest in the site at all.

To determine if the candidate has burned their bridges

While employers and employees part ways for a variety of reasons, the way a candidate handles that departure will tell you a lot about how they would act if they were an employee you had to let go for any number of reasons. While our parents always taught us to not say anything at all if we didn’t have anything nice to say, for some reason some candidates do not apply the ‘don’t say anything approach’ to social media. Toxic employees like this should be easy to find. Candidates that have no qualms about making derogatory comments about a previous employer’s business practices or the sharing of private company information is a red flag that any employer should be on the lookout for; because if a candidate did that with a previous employer, what is there to say that they will not do the same thing to you should you choose to hire them.

These are just a few of the many things that you as the employer should be on the lookout for when it comes to deciding whether or not a particular candidate would be a good fit for your company. While no one may be perfect, candidates whose profiles are free of any of the issues mentioned previously will most likely be the best fit for your company and its image.

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