Making your non-profit YouTube channel popular can be a challenge and at times it may seem like there is only a limited audience. Well hang-on in there. With these tips you can give your YouTube videos a boost and gain views.

Top 10 ways to increase YouTube views

  1. Research the keywords you are going to use before upload. Your file name should match the title you use in Step 2, then upload to YouTube. Doing so helps YouTube to place your video into its search engine.
  2. Make sure your title, description and tags are filled out and always use the same keywords that you chose through keyword research and placed in your file name.
  3. Closed caption all your videos. This is the single most important thing you can do. It helps Google better place your video content and it helps accessibility for people of all walks of life and around the world.
  4. Promote to your social channels.  The more external signals you can point at your video the faster it will be picked up by search engines and gain a rank.
  5. Embed the videos on your website. Ideally place your latest video on your home page (don’t enable auto-play!). Embeds count as back-links – observe SEO rules.
  6. Reply to every comment YouTube users leave you on your videos, even if it’s just to say thanks. Some people can be rude, don’t rise to it.
  7. Ask people to subscribe to your video.  Annotations are a great way to call attention to your subscribe link, also place a call to action on the screen linking to your other videos.
  8. Submit your YouTube RSS to ping feeds and syndication sites, doing so will allow websites to promote your videos to their visitors automatically.
  9. Watch videos by other non-profits.  Watch, like and comment on other non-profit videos. It helps to teach YouTube what your channel is about.
  10. Work with other non-profits to cross promote or use a Google hangout to do a joint video together sharing your expertise.

If you use all or some of these techniques you should see a nice bump in your views. It can take time so you need to stick at it.

Subscribe to other non-profits’ Youtube channels and if you can contact them through another channel ask them to subscribe to you. It really does help YouTube work out what you are all about.