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Top Google+ tips for growing your audience

Google Plus seems to have a low profile with people at the moment. Many appear to think that Plus is dying or not really catching on. We remember they said the same about Twitter once. Where people are going wrong, we think, is in not treating Google Plus as a specific type of network with its own tools to allow you to communicate and discover.

So here are our top tips for using Google+ and our methodology to growing your Circles.

Near Field Communication (NFC) and charities

NFC or Near Field Communication to give it its full title, is a way for devices to exchange information with each other without having to plug in or even physically touch each other. Soon it will be used to create “contactless” payments where you can simply place your credit, debit or even phone onto a pad and the retailer can charge you for your purchase in seconds.

How does NFC work?

NFC uses small chips, sometimes called tags that have no power of their own but when scanned by an NFC reader a small electromagnetic charge brings the NFC tag to life and the data contained can be accessed by the reading device. A device can be both a reader and able to write to NFC tags and tags themselves can be write once or written to many times over.

Facebook Timeline allows fans to message you!

If you’re one of those eager social media managers and have upgraded your Facebook page to Timeline you need to be aware that your page fans can now send you a private message. Just like on Twitter or by tagging you on Google Plus we can now have those private conversations with our supporters on Facebook.

When you access your page as an admin, keep an eye on the top of the page, this is where the Admin Panel sits. Your Notifications are on the right and Private Messages are on the left. The messaging system works just like the main Facebook message tool, note that you can’t send a message to a fan until they first send one to you.

For fans to send a message they need to Like your page (obviously), and then they click the message button under your cover photo on the right (you have uploaded a cover photo haven’t you?). Their message will then appear in your admin area as described above.

This is a great way to offer a private support service or move a difficult public discussion into a private area, but keep within Facebook. Some people don’t like to have to email you to carry on a conversation. This provides a cleaner experience for the supporter and opens up a new way to deal with issues when they happen.