Facebook have launched a new feature that allows you to subscribe to other Facebook Profiles. This works differently to the usually friending you might be used to. If a Facebook user turns on the subscribers’ feature you will see a button on their Profile.

Clicking the button subscribes you to that user and you will now see all their public posts in your newsfeed.

If you turn on subscribers you will automatically subscribe to all your friends, makes sense when you think about it, as this allows more granular control later on. If you’re already friends with a person you will continue to see all their private updates.

If you want to make your Profile available to be subscribed to check out the Facebook subscriber page, you will also get some extra options to allow subscribers to comment on your public posts –  just click the green button!

Facebook have also released updated guidance on when you should create a brand fan page or use the new subscribe tool.

  • Pages have advanced marketing features for managing your brand or business on Facebook. Pages can be maintained by multiple people on your team, have insights to understand who your fans are,  and can target posts by language and location.
  • Profiles with subscribers are ideal if you want to personally connect with friends, family and other people who are interested in you. It’s fun to receive updates from friends and others that you want to subscribe to, and it’s easy to publish to your subscribers on the go. Anyone who subscribes to your profile can receive your public posts in their Newsfeed.

This all makes total sense of course, but it will be interesting to see how many brands decide to make use of Facebook Profile subscribers to put a more human face on their brands. Of course the new service is a boon for anyone with a high public profile –  an area that Facebook has always made more difficult than Twitter in the past.