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D-Day for Facebook page tabs March 11, 2011

Now that the launch of the new Facebook page design is out, Facebook have also gone live with iframes as the primary way to include applications into Facebook.

This means that on March 11, 2011 Facebook will no longer allow you to create or add static FBML applications. You might have been using this to display your Paypal donation button or newsletter sign-up in a tab on your Facebook page.

We have written a guide to help you set-up the new iframe tabs on Facebook.

Facebook are urging everyone to update to the new iframe method AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Probably because they want to remove Static FBML as soon as possible. If you wait you may find in a few months they simple turn off Static FBML tabs.

We have already updated the BullyingUK Facebook page to use iframe tabs, check out the welcome and share tab. Both pages are actually running on the BullyingUK server which means we can include ANYTHING we want to.

In this case we have used Facebook Social Graph code to add a custom like button to the welcome tab and an auto firing share window on the share tab.

Brand message

Note on the Share tab how the entire Share message has been pre-formatted using the open graph tags so every share reflects the brand message and call to action.

Facebook moving to iframes is great news as it will make it much easier to create basic landing pages or more complex interactive stuff without having to muck about with Static FBML.

Bottom line… if you can run it on your website you can now run it in Facebook, only now you can take easy advantage of open graph to integrate your page more closely with your site.

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Admin tips for the new Facebook pages

Facebook pages have been relaunched and now look more like profile pages complete with top image row.

Page admins can now operate Facebook in a new mode that allows them to see notifications for their page, in the same way they would for their normal profile.

Now every time a new user likes the page, leaves a comment or interacts, you will be able to see a notification and respond more quickly. This is a most requested feature for Facebook page admins and very welcome.

You can upgrade your charity’s Facebook page  but WARNING it’s a one way process – you can’t go back. It will be rolled out to all pages in four weeks regardless. Visit this tour page and click upgrade if you want to upgrade now.

We would recommend checking the pages you promote on your page as they will be featured more prominently in the new design.

Clicking the admin view on the page sidebar when “using Facebook as admin” strips away all the fluff of the page and allows you a cleaner view of the page interactions. In this mode you can also see hidden or spam posts and delete or set them live as you desire.

In the admin edit for your page you now have a new swear filter and banned word list! Another huge feature when operating in page admin mode, you can post on other Facebook pages as your page, this is going to be great to help pages communicate with each other.

All in all Facebook have done a great job of making pages more useful to charities and our ability to respond can be much faster now.

The BullyingUK page has been updated. Take a look for a simple way to use the new image bar.

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Go Real Time with GoSquared

The web is becoming an increasingly real time place, but one area where many charities are lagging behind is in Real Time Analytics. Many of you depend on Google Analytics for the truth of your visitor numbers and engagement patterns.

Problem is though, Google haven’t kept pace with the change in the Real Time web, data is usually four-hours-old so you’re usually better off waiting 24 hours to see how a campaign has  performed the day before.

Well NO MORE! Let us introduce you to GoSquared, a real time web analytics system that will allow you to see exactly what’s happening on your website and where with only a few seconds delay.

You can see instantly after you send a tweet with a link to a page on your site how many people are accessing it, where they are from and where they explore on to from there.

This changes the way you as a webmaster or digital team member can respond, retune or react to your visitors as the messages you are using to engage people have an impact in real time.

GoSquared has Twitter search built-in so you can set-up your brand terms and keep an eye on Twitter while you watch your web statistics in real time. Combined it makes for a powerful way to keep your finger on the pulse of your supporters.

We have arranged for a discount for any charity interested in trying out GoSquared get in touch with them tell them about your organisation and the number of page views your visitors consume on your website each month and they will set you up with a suitable discount based on your volume.

Once you Go Real Time you will never Go Back :-)

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Quora – the charity guide

We have been tracking Quora for the last few months waiting to see if it would have its Twitter moment. A couple of weeks ago the signs were it was about to go BOOM!

Tip… if Techcrunch mention a start-up more than four times in a week it’s about to explode with growth.

We’ve been using it for the last week or so and built up a following, so we thought you might like a beginners’ guide to help you get started.

Sign-up to Quora

Head over to the Quora home page, now and this is VERY important! Quora has a strict policy on real names only don’t even bother wasting your time trying to sign-up under your brand name, the admins are hot on it.

We would suggest using your real name but uploading your brand picture to your profile so people can easily see it’s you. Sign up using Twitter, Facebook or their registration form, whichever you prefer.

Facebook page PayPal donation buttons – A ‘how to’ guide

*UPDATE – Facebook have changed the way you add content to your pages. Please see How to Create a Facebook iframe tab for Facebook pages .

Follow those instructions but use the same HTML code on this page for your PayPal button.

This question comes up a lot so we thought it was time to put a guide together so you can have your own PayPal donation button on your Facebook page. You may also like to read How to Add Google Analytics to your Facebook page which uses many of the techniques covered in this guide.

What you will need:

  • A Facebook page
  • A PayPal account
  • 15 minutes of your time

To get started go to the EDIT screen of your Facebook Page, scroll down to the bottom and look for application browser, click and then do a search on the next page for FBML the programming language that Facebook uses.


BullyingUK integrated with Google Web Store

The Family Lives digital team are pleased to announce that BullyingUK’s anti-bullying poster creator has been integrated with Google’s latest innovation the Web App Store.

Available to anyone running the latest version of the Google web browser Chrome 9 (launching today) the integration allows users to install our poster creator to their Chrome start page, giving one click access to our poster service.

What is a web app?

The internet used to be a place just for reading websites but these days we can think of some websites and internet services as functioning more like desktop applications. Google are making it easy to treat a website like you would a desktop application. One click and you’re working directly with the service using your web browser.

Visit our app in the Google Web App store

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Charities losing £460 million a year on greetings cards

Registered charities are losing out on an estimated £460 million each year because they focus too much on Christmas cards – and don’t supply greeting cards all year round.

An October 2010 Mintel report revealed that 21% of people are desperate to support their favourite charity through everyday greeting cards, and a quarter of those would spend more on a charity card.

A new charity greeting cards platform is helping charities take a chunk of the annual £1.48 billion card industry – with absolutely zero risk.

Charity Greetings allows charities such as the Alzheimer’s Society and Diabetes UK to sell quality, every day, High Street greeting cards to their supporters online, raising funds from every card sold.

There is no stock to print, buy or fulfil, meaning there is no risk or increased workload for the charity.

And the cards can generate on average £155 revenue for every 100 supporters. You can learn more and get a full information pack at

“This is about helping charities tap into a market worth £1.48 billion a year in the UK alone,” said CEO Craig Hartzel. online fundraising – Raffles for the social age

We don’t know many charities that won’t fundraise online, most of you do already through donation processing partners and this works really well for events and direct donations but what about something a little bit different?  What we’re always on the look out for is a new spin on an old idea or a total reinvention.

When we first stumbled across we certainly got the vibe that they had a very interesting spin on an old fundraising technique we all know and love.

Raffles time to go digital

We know a raffle is a great way to get people engaged and part with some loose change in the real world, but how would it stand up to a virtual make-over? Very well in fact.’s system is well thought out and has just the right amount of viral and gaming elements to make it really engaging for supporters.

Dogs Trust barking on Twitter

What is your charity’s name and mission?
Our mission statement is:  Working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

We are the UK‘s largest dog welfare organisation and rehome thousands of dogs every year through a nationwide network of 17 rehoming centres.

Charity / non-profits discount web services

I thought it would be nice to put together a list of discounts offered by online services that charities can take advantage of and details on how to access them.

I will update this page over time. If you have one I’ve missed tweet me @SoMediaCharity


MailChimp provides a free account perfect for charities that only have up to 500 people they want to mail and want to send a maximum of 3,000 emails a month. Sign-up is as easy as selecting the FREE option on the sign-up screen.