The number one question we get asked is: “How do I make my boss understand the importance of social media and Twitter?”

This is usually followed by a comment about controlling the message or fears about supporters talking about your NFP without your control.

First off, as many of you will know, that’s the entire point! Twitter and real time services like Facebook and FriendFeed allow anyone at any time to speak about your brand and say what they like, when they like, to whom they like.

Funnily enough just like the REAL world! You and your bosses can’t be in every supermarket, hairdressers, pub or family home to ensure every mention of your organisation is on brand and on message.

OK, so you now might be thinking: “Blimey, we never really had control of the message in the first place”, and you would be right. All we ever are is shepherds of the message. It is our supporters who will make of it what they want and recite it to friends and colleagues based on their experiences and interactions with us.